Sunday, 30 June 2013

Peggy's first week with mummy and daddy...

Hello everyone I hope you have all had a good week. Well what a busy week we have had being mummy and daddy to our lovely Golden Labrador Puppy Peggy!
Peggy has lived in her new home for a week now and she has settled in lovely. We have had lots of early mornings, but she does sleep through the night which is good.
On Monday we took her for her first trip to the vet's, she was a little bit scared but we kept cuddling her and making her feel safe while we were waiting to go in to see the lovely vet. Peggy wasn't sure what to make of the other dogs waiting, but she took it all in her stride!
So, Peggy had her first injection and she didn't even flinch bless her. She was a very good girl. The vet said it would probably make her a bit sleepy for the rest of the day, and it certainly did...
It was a busy day for her as she met her Nanna in the morning too...
I have found Peggy likes to hide sometimes and this is where I found her fast asleep ...
She also loves her bed in the living room, she has two beds one in the kitchen too...
She loves a cuddle from her daddy...
and when she is not sleeping she loves being outside in the garden and playing with her toys...
Peggy is learning things very quickly, she knows when its meal times and she goes outside for no 1 and no 2 lol...she gets a little treat and a whole lot of love to show she has done good. We have only had a couple of little accidents in the house, she is doing so well.
We have all had a lovely first week together, we absolutely adore her and I hope she adores us just as much too! LOL
Thank you for reading about Peggy today and her adventures,
till next time..
lots of pawfect love
from the three of us

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Peggy Settles into her New Home...

Hello everyone, well I was very excited this morning! All week I felt like I was waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.
Finally, the day is here and this morning we went to pick up our Peggy!
I said the other day I would share with you why we chose this as her name.
We did throw a few different names back and forth, but couldn't really agree. Darren wanted a name that wasn't too 'girly' and I wanted a name with some meaning to it.
So, I had a think...and remembered a favourite aunty that Darren had. I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she meant such a lot to Darren. So, Peggy was her name...and I think if she were here now to see Our Peggy, she would be happy that we named a doggy after her...she also had a good sense of humour!LOL
Anyway, when I arrived to pick Peggy up this morning and she saw me, she came running towards me wagging her tail. I knew then, as I knew the other day this is meant to be. So here we are, our happy little family!
Welcome to our Beautiful Peggy...
Peggy loved exploring her way through the hall, she even found my dried flowers and tried to pull one out!

I let her in my craft room, supervised of course lol, she will love being in there with me!

A cuddle with Grandad

A cuddle with Granny...she will be meeting her other Nanna(my mum) tomorrow.

Oooooppps.....did I really let her on the sofa lol

Awww she's one tired little girl now.

Nothing like spreading out when your asleep!

Peggy and her little monkey!

Busy playing in the garden.

I love my new toy!
As you can see Peggy is settling in nicely. We are going to have lot's of fun and laughter. I am so happy I could burst!
We hope you have enjoyed a peek into Peggy and her first day with her mummy and daddy!
Tomorrow is her first trip to the vet's!
Till next time,
lots of pawfect love
the three of us

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Peggy and Me....The First Meeting!

I met Peggy on Monday 17th June. This was a complete surprise. We are doggy lovers and I had wanted another dog for quite sometime now. We lost our first golden Labrador called May nearly 8 years ago. As time went by I always wanted another one.
How this came about so suddenly this week...I was cooking dinner on Monday, my hubby phoned and asked what I was doing. I told him the dinner, he said to turn it all off. He told me he had been talking to a lady who was a cardmaker like myself and she was giving all her crafty stash away as she had gone off her hobby. So, off we went to her house in a nearby village.
When we got there, I went into the kitchen and she took me to the back my mind I thought...oh she must have a craft shed in the garden!
Little did I know that when she opened the door there was going to be 10 little Labrador puppies staring at me!
Well I can honestly say I was overwhelmed, with love, joy and happiness and I cried because I couldn't believe the day had come where I would be bringing my little girl home. So, guess what...I didn't pick her, she picked me. This adorable little pup chose me as her mummy... and my lovely hubby Darren as her daddy.
So, that's the start of how I met Peggy...her name...I suggested to my wonderful hubby, for a very special reason... but I'll tell you that one another day!
Till next time,
Lots of pawfect love
The three of us XXX

A Day In The Life Of Peggy and Us!

Hello everyone,
Well I am so excited not long now until my lovely hubby and I collect our gorgeous little Golden Labrador Puppy called Peggy!
I have started this blog, to not only record the adventures of Peggy, but also to share with you all the love and joy she will bring.
I cannot wait to bring her home on Sunday, her new mummy and daddy will shower her with lots of love and cuddles....(and if I can get away with it a few pink things too... just don't tell my hubby!LOL).
So, welcome to the start of what will be a wonderful life with our beautiful Peg, she will be just one adorable girl!
We  would love you to follow our journey,
lots of puppy paw kisses and hugs,
Peggy, Nicola & Darren