Sunday, 22 September 2013

Love Peggy...

Hello lovelies...well it's been a few weeks or so since my last post about Peggy. We are certainly having a busy time and lots of fun too.
I love Peggy so much, she is so adorable and she makes me smile everyday. Darren and myself are having so much fun with Peggy, we both love her so much. We give her lots of love and cuddles. I spend lots of quality time with her, and when she isn't with us, she visits her nana and grandad too.
I have quite a few pictures to share with you today...I hope you enjoy looking at them!
Peggy loves to have a nap in my craft room!
A new pink toy!

Peggy likes her chew bone!
We went to stay with family in Stratford Up On Avon and Peggy slept in the room we stayed in. LOL she liked to hide under the bed!

Sitting and staying at the kerb, Peggy has learnt everything so quickly!

Playing with Daddy in the field!

She is a good girl!

I love this photo, Peggy was jumping up for her ball!

Peggy loves her Daddy so much...

and Daddy loves Peggy!

Playing with her cousin Berry!

Tired out after playing!

Berry was trying to have a rest...until Peggy decided otherwise! LOL

Who's looking at you! LOL

Having a rest on our holiday!

Back home after our holiday and Peggy was certainly worn out!

A baby hedgehog visited us in the garden and Peggy was really good, she left it alone and just stared at it.

Quality time with Daddy.

So comfy in my craft room while I craft away!

Waiting for Daddy to come home from work!

Tired girl!

Peggy loves going upstairs lol and I let her too!

More time in the craft room!

Peggy is absolutely adorable. I love her so much. It is so rewarding having her around and she makes me feel so happy. Peggy is learning everything so quickly. So friendly and sociable too, it is a pleasure to take her out everyday and she loves meeting people.
At the moment she is teething and I keep finding teeth around the house sometimes. Darren did have to remind me that a doggy doesn't have a 'tooth fairy'..ha...that's what he thinks lol...Peggy has a tooth fairy lol...she got a cuddly new toy!
Peggy is so loving and affectionate she follows me everywhere. Even when I am cooking tea, she sits at my feet. Peggy is growing so quickly. I can't believe she is just over 5 months old now.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos and I will share some more soon. I love taking photos of  Peggy. Right, I'm off for a puppy cuddle with my little girl.
Thank you for stopping by we always appreciate your visits!
Lots of pawfect love,
from the three of us,