Sunday, 21 July 2013

Peggy goes to work......

Hello lovelies, we hope you have had  a lovely week and been enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We have had a very busy week!
Peggy can now go out for a walk but at the moment we are trying to get her to walk with the lead. We have introduced it quite early by mixing it in with her toys, leaving it lying around and rubbing it onto familiar smells. We attached it to Peggy's collar and let her walk around the house with it, we tried rewards, praise lots of cuddles and more praise...Peggy hate's it!
Absolutely terrified of it she is bless her. This is the first lead we tried with...

Peggy decided she was not moving a we thought maybe it's too wide. Our next step was to go buy a proper training lead, which is longer and thinner. We mixed it in with her toys...
Again, she was having none of it. Peggy is terrified of it...we are putting it on her, but she will not budge at all. Trembling away, she really doesn't like it. Anyway, today we visited Pets At Home and also bought a harness. It is now laid on her day bed, but she took one look at it and walked away.
We will keep at it, I just know eventually she will get used to it, time and perseverance and we will get there I'm sure!
Our visit to the pet shop today was good fun. Darren was carrying Peggy and she was getting quite heavy so he put her down for a bit, and she kept to our sides so well. Never wandered off, of course we kept a keen eye on her. We took her to the toy section and she chose a new toy which when we got home she curled up on the sofa with...
and mummy couldn't resist getting her some other toys too, this is just one of them...
On Thursday we took Peggy to work for half a she is in daddies office...
she loved it in my salon too...

Looking at daddy through the window, she certainly created some interest!
On Friday I was cooking tea, I leave the kitchen door open so she can wander in and out the garden as she pleases, all went quiet. What was Peggy doing when I went to look...

Who says dogs don't smile look how much fun she's had! LOL

A bit later on this is what else she did...

As you can see she is enjoying digging holes!
Peggy loves playing in the garden with her toys, this is another favourite...

Well after a busy week and a busy time in the pet shop today, everyone loved her and kept making a fuss and she even met some new doggy friends too...this is what she did when she had finished her dinner...
Awww bless her she's tired out now!
So, hopefully by next week I will be able to tell you that she has been for her first walk. I hope you have enjoyed reading about what Peggy has been doing this week. We are absolutely loving having her around, my house is filled with lots of love, fun and laughter...the three of us couldn't be more perfect than this for me!
Thank you for stopping by today and we really look forward to your next visit. We will be back next Sunday to share more adventures with Peggy.
Lots of Pawfect love to you all,
from the three of us,


  1. Awe, bless! I love the 'How much is that doggy in the window' photo! Lol. No wonder Peggy is exhausted, she has had a busy week. Keep trying with her lead, hun - she will get used to it eventually, once she understands what goes with it. My doggies both love going for 'walkies'. Looking forward to seeing the next 'chapter' in Peggy's story.
    Hugz, Jan xx

    1. Awww thanks hun for your lovely comments each week. We will keep at it, I am going to have another try now. I love her to bits! lots of love <3

  2. Aw bless her! I can't offer any advice really as my dog Baxter is my first dog but he is nearly 8 yrs old. I just know you got to be calm and assertive and not be afraid to show and tell them it's okay but in a firm way. I found if I talk all softly Baxter doesn't take any notice but if I speak and act calm and assertive he does! How about having her fav treat, attaching lead by having treat by her nose but not near enough for her to take then moving it a little step away and saying take it or whatever command you use when you allow her food. I say wait then okay. She's young though and will get there am sure! Take care Zo xx

    1. Aww thank you for the advice. Progress tonight she wore the harness we bought today and her lead for a bit and played. Hopefully soon we will take her for her first walk ;-)